Item #018599 Gallipoli Campaign, WWI

Gallipoli Campaign, WWI

1915. No Binding. A rare collection of 9 glass lantern slides of scenes during the Gallipoli campaign, including several scenes of HMS Cornwallis, active in the Eastern Mediterranean during WWI. 1. Sports on the HMS Cornwallis, showing sailors in a boxing bout on a pole over a rank of water, watched by the relaxing crew. HMS Cornwallis, a Duncan class (pre-Dreadnought) battleship and one of the fastest in the world at the time. She was commissioned in 1904 and fired the first shots in the Dardenelles campaign in 19 February, 1915. 2. "Cornwallis" aircraft gun. Photograph of an anti-aircraft gun mounted HMS Cornwallis, serving in the Gallipoli campaign. 3. HMS Cornwallis - torpedo nets out. Nets were used, right up to WWII to prevent torpedoes from hitting the ships. The torpedoes would detonate when becoming entangled with the nest swung out at some distance from the craft. 4. "Cornwallis" last shots at Gallipoli. Photograph of the Cornwallis firing across at the beaches in the Gallipoli campaign. 5. Anzacs landing April 25th 1915. Photograph showing landing craft laden with soldiers heading to the beaches of Gallipoli on the opening of the Gallipoli Campaign. These men were among the thousands who landed on that day, more than 44,000 allied soldiers dying in the campaign. 6. Walker's Ridge underfeatures. Walker's Ridge in Gallipoli was named after Brigadier Harold Walker, commander of the NZ Infantry Brigade during the landing at Gallipoli Cove. 7. Warship, possibly the Royal Navy cruiser HMS Amethyst, commissioned 1903 and serving in the Dardenelles campaign in 1915 in WWI. 8. Steamship Clyde beached at Seddel Bahr. The River Clyde was a transport ship and Sedd- el-bahr was a Turkish village at Cape Helles on the Gallipoli Peninsular, site of the landing zone V beach. 9. Dummy "Tigers" old colliers. Photograph of colliers disguised as a cruiser such as the "Tiger' to trick enemy submarines. Provision of coal during the Gallipoli campaign was a major problem and the navy took to disguising steamers in attempt to prevent loss of coal-bearing craft. Very Good. Item #018599

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