Sunday, Jan 01, 2023

As the Australian Open hits headlines, we deal with TENNIS in a past era from our varied stock

 Between the wars, one of the centres of London social life was Sussex Lodge, home of Sophie, Lady Wavertree (later married to  New Zealand tennis player and politician F.M.B. Fisher, living in New Zealand). 

 The charity tennis matches hosted by Lord and Lady Wavertree were famous, collecting the leading players of the day, including Royalty and the aristocracy.

We have for sale a remarkable collection of photographs of these social occasions, showing tennis champions and society notables  such as ex-King Manuel of Portugal, Elanor Glynn and others mingling and at play.  We also have Wavertree’s collection of signed photographs of leading Wimbledon, French and Australia Open Champions, players of international fame such as Suzanne Lenglen, Jean Borotra, Fred Perry, Jack Crawford, Vivian McGrath, Phyllis Satterthwaite, and many more.

 To broaden the social scene, we have a substantial collection of autographed letters from Royalty;  literary;(H.G.Wells etc), political notables (Churchill etc) and military figures(Sir John French etc) all corresponding with the redoubtable Lady Wavertree   

 More information on request.