Wednesday, Feb 01, 2023

As Waitangi Day approaches, we might wonder what the Bay of Islands looked like at the time.

 This panorama, was designed by artist Robert Burford,. and first exhibited on a huge scale, in 1838, in London’s Leicester Square, for the admittance fee of one shilling.

 Our original 1841 woodcut double fold-out panorama version,  pictured here, is extremely rare and contains many interesting details.

 It shows Paihia on the left with Busby’s house on what is now the Treaty grounds just beyond the Waitangi River. It then scans across Kerikeri, the Bay and Motoroa Island, and there in the foreground is Samuel Marsden, arm aloft, preaching.

On the second panel, there we see Māori activities preparing fern root, playing games etc,and the great chief Titore. Scenes encapsulating the life and features of the Bay.

 This panorama is sold along with important 1841 printed papers containing Hobson’s despatch to Governor Gibbs in NSW, describing the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi, boundary adjustments with Australia etc.

 More information on request.